The City of Lorain performs studies throughout the year to study existing conditions within the City of Lorain. The intent is to improve safety on all public roads. Studies completed for upcoming projects are completed to maximize the cost benefit of planned improvements and make good design decisions based on actual conditions. 

Types of studies


Pre-construction studies are conducted during the planning or design stages. Planning studies may consider policies, engage stakeholders, and study existing conditions. During design other considerations are studied such as traffic signing, lighting, and drainage.


During construction studies may focus on work zone traffic control, construction phasing, temporary access, and safety of contractor personnel and construction vehicles. 


Post-construction studies are conducted after the project is built to verify it is operational and to assess any issues that may exist.

Studies of existing conditions may also be conducted at the the request of residents to study an area of concern.

Purpose of Pre-construction Studies

Pre-construction studies can be utilized to apply for Federal Funding and improvements.


NOACA Funding 

  • CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality
    • CMAQ funds can only be used for projects that help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. They may be used for traffic signal upgrade projects, bus replacements, bike facilities, intelligent transportation system improvements, transit center and Park-N-Ride construction.
  • TLCI - Transportation for Livable Communities
    • TLCI funds can be utilized to complete improvements to transportation systems and the neighborhoods they support. Especially focusing on:
      • Developing transportation projects that provide more travel options
      • Promoting reinvestment in underutilized or vacant/abandoned properties
      • Supporting economic development
      • Ensuring that the benefits of growth and change are available to all members of a community
      • Enhancing regional cohesion
      • Providing people with safe and reliable transportation choices

The City of Lorain has previously applied for and been awarded both TLCI and CMAQ funding.

Safe Routes to School Funding

  • The purpose of Safe Routes to School is to encourage and enable students in grades k-8 to walk or ride their bicycle to school.

The City of Lorain has applied for SRTS funding and has been awarded for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

ODOT Safety Funding

  • The Ohio Department of Transportation dedicates about $102 million annually for engineering improvements at high-crash and severe-crash locations – one of the largest state investments in the nation. This funding is available to ODOT staff and local governments, and it can be used to make improvements on any public roadway.

The City of Lorain has applied for Safety Funding to fund spot safety projects and has been awarded funding for the 611 Corridor Project. 

Upcoming Studies


Completed Studies

2013 Signal Study

2015 Signal Study

Oberlin Ave and West 21st St. (SR611) Signal Improvement Safety Study

Leavitt Ave. (SR58) and West 21st St. (SR611) Signal Improvement Safety Study

Washington Ave. and West 21st St. (SR611) Signal Improvement Safety Study

LOR 611 Corridor Study

Amherst SR2 Oak Point Road Area Wide Traffic Study

Baumhart Rd Industrial Parkway Safety Study

SR58 and Tower Blvd - Safety Study

SR611 and Colorado Safety Study - 2022

NOACA - City of Lorain Safety Study -2022

SR2 and SR 58 Corridor Signal Timing Study - 2022

The City of Lorain Engineering Department focuses on the following issues for roadway improvements:

  • High-emphasis crosswalk
  • Special emphasis pavement markings
  • Enhanced signing, marking, and delineation
  • Guardrail
  • Traffic signals
  • Drainage
  • Roadway condition

Project specific and specialized studies:

  • Crash Analysis
  • Intersection Analysis
  • Major Investment Studies
  • Operational Studies
  • Parking Studies
  • Roadway Signing
  • Safety Studies
  • Traffic Calming Plans
  • Transportation System and Facility Planning

Helpful Links

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