Stormwater Management  Requirements

The Storm Sewer System & the Construction Community

The City of Lorain is a permittee under the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program. While there are many responsibilities under this program, one requirement of the program focuses on the management and regulation of construction activity within the City. In accordance with Clean Water Act requirements, Lorain Codified Ordinance Chapter 1529: Construction Site Soil Erosion, Sediment, and Other Wastes and Storm Water Runoff Regulations has been adopted by the Lorain City Council and describes the requirements for storm water management for construction project occurring within Lorain. 

All construction activity within the City with less than one (1) acre in size of disturbed area and not part of a larger plan of development shall be required to maintain compliance with Minimum Standards for Small Construction Sites (PDF). In addition to compliance with City Ordinance, all construction sites disturbing one or more acres of land must obtain an Ohio EPA issued Construction Notice of Intent.

Post Construction Inspection Requirements

The Federal Clean Water Act, state standards, and local ordinances require Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs), such as detention ponds, be installed and maintained in order to control the quality and quantity of water being discharged to receiving waters. More information on the different types of BMPs in Lorain can be found in our Post-Construction BMP Fact Sheet

As outlined in the City of Lorain Codified Ordinance 1531.09, BMPs within the City of Lorain require annual certified inspections with written reports due to the City Engineer's Office by May 1st of each year. Please be aware that these standards require BMP owners to properly maintain, repair and, if necessary, reconstruct BMPs. Certified inspectors can be sought through many local engineering firms. Your inspection must comply with an established Maintenance Plan for the practices on your site and all practices located on the property must be inspected. If a maintenance plan was not developed for your practice, inspections must address compliance with the City's Post-Construction Minimum Maintenance Standards.

Annual submissions and questions can be sent to Kathryn Golden.

Annual Inspection Forms

City of Lorain Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)

View the City of Lorain Stormwater Management Program Plan (PDF). Please send comments or questions to Kathryn Golden.

For more information on storm water rules and regulations, if you see someone dumping a storm water pollutant, or if you have a question or concern call the City Engineering Department's Storm Water Hotline at 440-204-2003.