Completed State Routes

PID 101446 - Resurfacing-Urban Paving City of Lorain

LOR 58 24.66 (Amherst/Lorain Corp (JNT Line N. of Cooper Foster Rd.) to 27.56 (US6)

Project Information:

Contractor: Karvo Companies

Project Manager: Luke Wysocki, ODOT

Project Engineer: Nick Donofrio, ODOT, 440-308-6330,

Cost: Local cost share: $723,626.60 for construction and $35,000.00 for construction inspection 

  • The low bidder on the project was Karvo Companies, Inc. for an amount of $1,318,000.47.  This was almost 10% less than ODOTs estimate of $1,455,000.
  • This project is funded with and 80/20 split ODOT/City of Lorain, with the exception of a few items that are 100% city cost.

Proposed Construction Start, date:06/01/2021. Construction complete 2021.


  • The primary scope of work includes milling 1.5 inches of asphalt from the surface, and repaving it with 1.5 inches of asphalt
  • If, after milling, the base appears bad, the contractor will repair the base prior to placing the asphalt.  Base repairs are 100% city cost.
  • Other 100% city costs include handicap ramp replacement and guardrail.