Lake Erie Starts Here!

Lake Erie Starts Here!Lake Erie Starts Here spray painted beside sewer grate in road

One of our most important natural resources is located right here in our backyard. Lake Erie, holding one-fifth of the world's fresh surface water supply, provides drinking water for Lorain residents - and another 11 million people! We all share a role in keeping our lake clean. Due to the land use within its watershed, Lake Erie is more susceptible to the effects of pollution and algal blooms than the other Great Lakes: it receives more sediment, nutrients, fertilizer, pesticides and sewage.

Whether you install a rain barrel, shrink your lawn by planting some native plants, start a compost pile with your yard wastes, or use local organic fertilizers on your garden instead of a synthetic option, you will be making a huge contribution to the health of our Great Lake Erie. All of our conservation actions are multiplied many times over to benefit our environment: the health of Lake Erie starts with you!

Get Involved

Want to get involved - maybe stencil a few storm drains with the "Lake Erie Starts Here" logo? Contact your Storm Water Manager at 440-204-2003 to discuss public outreach activities available and how you or you and your group can help educate our community.