Active Transportation Planning

Lorain ATP 2022 Progress Report

Active Transportation Planning

Active Transportation Planning is planning, designing, constructing and maintaining a safe, comfortable, and efficient roadway network for users of all ages and abilities including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, motorists, commercial and emergency vehicles. Active Transportation Planning helps plan a network that provides connectivity, improves safety, supports consistent project implementation, and increases awareness. The City of Lorain, in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Lorain County Public Health (LCPH), Lorain City Schools (LCS), Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) and staff members from other non-profits, agencies and organizations as well as local bicycle advocates and other community advocates, has participated as a partner in this effort and is continuing to plan for a more inclusive Lorain.

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Ohio Bikeways and Trails

Lorain County Bike Map

City of Lorain Bike Parking Locations

Lorain County Transit Information, Routes and schedules

Lorain County Walking Map

Black River Landing Walking Path


Lorain County Lakefront Connectivity Plan

City of Lorain, Active Transportation Plan

Clearview School Travel Plan

City of Lorain, Comprehensive Plan

Vision Zero

Greenbelt Lorain County

Lorain County Transit Redevelopment Plan


Bike Safety

Multimodal Planning Resources

Bike Counts 

Your Move Ohio:

Just what does all of that paint on the road mean?


2022 PEDESTRIAN SYSTEMIC PROJECT GRANT APPLICATION $1,926,108.00 Grant (90% Grant / 10% Local Funds)
Various pedestrian improvements
The Project will focus on several locations requiring pedestrian crossing improvements and gap-filling sidewalk in order to create a more contiguous sidewalk system with the City of Lorain. Sidewalk filling efforts are intended to improve walkability and discourage pedestrians from unsafely walking within the traveled way of motor vehicles. The City of Lorain will also carry out extensive erosion control improvements on SR611 at the CSX underpass to improve stormwater drainage and pedestrian comfort at 100% City of Lorain Cost.
Phase: Awaiting award notification

2022 SMART GRANT APPLICATION $1,606,900.00 Grant (100%)
Connected Future
The Connected Future - City of Lorain Traffic Signal Improvements will transform existing outdated standalone traffic infrastructure with a cutting-edge, emerging technology traffic signal system. 
Phase: Awaiting award notification

2024 RAISE GRANT APPLICATION $1,500,000.00 Grant (100%)
Connecting and Transforming South Lorain.
East 36th Street Storm water Greenway. Project to include storm water upgrades, off road trail for hiking/biking, new concrete roadway. Project Data Sheet: Briefing Sheet
Phase: Awaiting application opening

Upcoming Projects

2020 TLCI Planning Grant $100,000.00 (100%)
East 28th St. from SR57 (Grove Ave.) to SR57 (Broadway)
Phase: Awarded

2023 SRTS (Safe Routes to School) $396,554.37 Grant (100%)
Admiral King, Hawthorne, and Garfield Elementary Schools – Improved Pedestrian Accommodations
Funding: ODOT
Construction: Summer 2023

2022 CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality) $552,000.00Grant (80% Grant / 20% Local Funds)
Signal Upgrade project
Funding: CMAQ
Construction: Summer 2021

2023 ODOT Safety Funding $1,257,500.00 Grant (80% Grant / 20% Local Funds)
611 Signals Improvement Project
Funding: ODOT
Construction: Summer 2023, currently under design

2023 TLCI (Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative) $268,928.09 Grant (100% Grant)
TLCI Beachscape

Funding: NOACA
Construction: Summer 2023, currently under design 

2023 ATP development assistance ODOT Grant (100% Grant)
2023 Active Transportation Plan Update
Funding: ODOT
Planning: Summer 2023

2023 Safe Streets for All (SS4A)  USDOT Planning Grant $160,000.00 (100% Grant) - LORAIN COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH
2023 Safety Action Plan
Planning: Summer 2023

2024 SRTS (Safe Routes to School) $190,078.25 Grant (100%)
Larkmoor and Longfellow Schools – Improved Pedestrian Accommodations
Funding: ODOT
Construction: Summer 2024

2025 Pedestrian Accommodations - Safety Program Grant $703,152.77 (90% Grant / 10% Local Funds)
The multi-agency team has identified locations of high demand and need where pedestrian safety improvements are recommended. The locations identified are within the City of Lorain in Lorain County, and the cities of Cleveland, Euclid and Fairview Park in Cuyahoga County. Each jurisdiction has shared their support for the proposed pedestrian improvements within their city. The proposed project is meant to improve the overall safety of pedestrians by increasing the visibility of pedestrians, shortening crossing lengths, slowing down vehicles approaching a crossing, and reducing the frequency and severity of pedestrian crashes.
Funding: ODOT

2025 SRTS (Safe Routes to School) $390,842.96 Grant (100%)
Adding sidewalks along the north side of E 39th St where none exist and repairing broken sidewalks, Extents: Broadway to Omaha Ave.
Adding sidewalks along Clifton Ave from E 39th St to Harriet St. Adding sidewalks at Cityview Park in the City of Lorain
Funding: ODOT

Past Projects

2022 SRTS (Safe Routes to School) $399,122.69 Grant (100%)
Oakdale Avenue – W. 30th to W. 17th – Sidewalk replacement project
30th Street - Marshall to Clifton - Sidewalk replacement project
Funding: ODOT
Construction: Summer 2022

2021 SRTS (Safe Routes to School) $185,553.97 Grant (100%)
West 21st St (SR 611) – Leavitt to Oakdale – Sidewalk replacement project
Funding: ODOT
Phase: Construction
Construction: Summer 2021

2021 CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality) $179,500.00 Grant (80% Grant / 20% Local Funds)
Washington Avenue Bikeway - Lorain High School to West Erie
Funding: CMAQ
Phase: Construction
Construction: Summer 2021

2018 TLCI (Transportation for Livable Communities) $300,000.00 Grant (100%)
Funding: NOACA
Phase: Completed, additional paint for bike lanes Summer 2020.
Construction: Summer 2020

Broadway Streetscape
Funding: NOACA
Phase: Complete, additional structural work in Spring 2020
Construction: Fall 2018 - Fall 2019

Falbo Park Play All
Funding: Donations were made by the Lorain Lions, Lorain Rotary, Rising Titans, and the Falbo Family. Funding was also provided via CDBG (Community Development Block Grant). One of the 159 awardees of the 2019 AARP Community Challenge Grant program.
Phase: Complete, additional landscaping in Spring 2020
Construction: Summer 2019 - Fall 2019

Community Outreach

Fieldwork Photos

Walk to School (2017)

Walk and Bike to School (Spring 2018)

Walk to School (Fall 2018)

Bike to School (Fall 2018)

Walk to School (Spring 2019)

Walk to School (Fall 2019)

Lorain Better Block 2018

Lorain Better Block 2019


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