Critical Water Users

What is a Critical Water User?
  • The City of Lorain defines a critical water user as a business or facility that uses water as a critical function of their overall process.  This includes but is not limited to, health care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living centers, day care centers, and schools.

Even if you do not fall under one of the aforementioned categories, other businesses me be considered a critical water user based on the nature of their operations.  Residents may be considered a critical water user as well, based upon their medical conditions and associated water needs.

The City of Lorain has created a form, that can be filled out and submitted back to the Water Distribution Department for those businesses and residents who wish to be added to the critical user list.

The critical user list will be used as a reference document to make provisions to minimize impact for to these critical users when an unplanned, emergency and/or scheduled service outages occur.

Please understand that inclusion on the critical user list does not guarantee your water service will be uninterrupted.  All water users are advised to have an emergency supply of water on hand.

If you believe that you are a Critical Water User and would like to fill out a form to potentially be added to the list, please CLICK HERE.

More Information regarding Critical Water Users and the City of Lorain's Program can be found HERE.