Utilities Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Utilities Department is to provide the public with safe drinking water and effective methods of wastewater treatment and disposal.  Our goal is to continue to ensure the health of the residents of the City of Lorain and surrounding communities.


  • Water Purification: Produce clean and safe potable water from Lake Erie.
  • Water Distribution: Maintain the water distribution system that transports clean and safe potable water to customers.
  • Sewer Department: Maintain and clean the sewerage system throughout the City and respond to citizen inquiries.
  • Wastewater Treatment:  Treat wastewater from homes, businesses, and industry to meet regulations before returning it to Lake Erie.
  • EngineeringInspect installation of waterlines, meters, and maintain waterline and sewer pipe records.
  • Environmental Management: Monitor sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and ensure compliance of industrial facilities within the City's Sewer Service Area.
  • Meter Department: Collect water meter read-outs for billing purposes as well as remove and install metering equipment for customers.
  • Utilities Billing: Collect payments made for water and sewer service.  Assist the public in understanding their bills and services.