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Comparing Your Bill to Everyday Items

We here at the City of Lorain Utilities Department understand the frustration of trying to decipher your water and sewer bill on a monthly basis.  We also understand that you want to knowhow much water you are consuming.  We've worked on putting together some helpful information for our customers to understand their water habits.


You may enjoy the convenience of having bottled water in your home, but do you know how much you are truly spending?  A case of 40 bottles at a warehouse store (i.e. Costco, BJ's, Sam's Club, etc.) will cost you approximately $2.99.  That sounds like a great deal, however, those 40 bottles only actually total 5.28 gallons of water.  In comparison, your water and sewer bill is presented in HCF or Hundred Cubic Feet.  

Therefore, if the average residence consumption is 7 HCF or 700 cubic feet that equates to approximately 5,236.36 gallons.

You would need to purchase 991.7 cases to meet your needs to shower, wash, use the toilet, do laundry, etc. on a monthly basis.  This would require a household to spend approximately $2,965 dollars a month solely on their water needs for consumption.  

Under the City of Lorain Utilities Department's current rate structure, a household consuming 7 HCF of water spends $48.69 a month for their water needs and $53.66 a month for their sewer needs.

We here at the City of Lorain Utilities Department ensure that our customers receive the highest quality water for everyday consumption.