Purchase of Lot or Spaces


  • A space is defined as a portion of ground available for one interment.
  • A lot is a multiple of two or more spaces.

Family Memorial Section

This section was developed to provide families an opportunity to erect memorials with the family name. These memorials are restricted in size and style as defined in the Monuments, Markers and Memorials section of this booklet. A flush marker shall mark all individual graves within this section. Families can purchase a four or eight space lot. No memorial however will be erected on a lot with fewer than eight spaces and cannot exceed twelve spaces. The family memorial must be in place before individual grave markers are placed.

Choosing Space

 Persons wishing to purchase a lot should inspect the site at the cemetery. No lot will be sold on unplatted ground, or before the price for the section is fixed. Single space selections shall follow cemetery policies.


All purchases of lots shall be by agreement. The agreement is to be made in triplicate at the cemetery by the supervisor at the time of the sale and must be signed by the purchaser.

If the lot purchased is not paid for in full at time of sale, the following conditions shall apply:

  1. A certificate of title will not be issued until full payment is made.
  2. The space or portion of lot to be occupied by interments shall be paid for in full before said interments are made.
  3. The total purchase price shall be paid in full at time of purchase.


The prices of lots are fixed by the Director of Public Service. Payments of lots or spaces are transacted in the office of the Service Director at regular office hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.