Important Information

Drop Box and dropping off information, fax, and email - City of Lorain income tax forms can be prepared by our office. You MUST provide all W2's information and or completed Schedules for us to assist you. This service is for individual filers only. Please make sure to add your phone number and or email address in case we need to contact you. You may remit by walk-ins,  fax 440-204-1006 and or email:

On-Line Assistance & Payment - Lorain offers a secure, simple and convenient online service which allows you to make payments at, click to make a payment. (File numbers are located on your income tax form, office communications, bills, and quarterly estimates).  We do not accept Utility payments/County Property tax payments. 

Our balance due bill is a standard letter and is not written for each individual.  Please call the office @440-204-1002 and we will be happy to help you understand your bill or do not know your file #, or email:

Thank You