How can I pay my tax balance?

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order, debit card and credit card. You may pay in person during regular business hours, by mail, on-line or over the phone.

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1. Who must file a City of Lorain tax return?
2. How can I pay my tax balance?
3. What are the Income Tax Department regular hours of operation?
4. What is the Income Tax Department contact information?
5. Are retirees or disabled individuals required to file a Lorain tax return?
6. Do residents who rent need to file a Lorain tax return?
7. What is the City of Lorain's tax rate?
8. Do I receive credit for taxes paid to other cities?
9. What is the due date for the City of Lorain's tax return?
10. Can the tax office help me prepared the City of Lorain tax return?
11. Are lottery/gambling winnings taxable?
12. I owe city taxes but I am unable to pay my full liability at the time my return is due. Should I still file my return?
13. Does your office handle property taxes?
14. My employer withheld Lorain tax, but I live in Columbus. How can I get a refund?
15. Is it possible to amend my estimate during the year?
16. I am a Lorain resident and work in an area with no municipal tax. How often must I file with Lorain?
17. I am over eighteen, but currently attend college. Do I need to file a Lorain tax return?
18. I’m a partner in a partnership and a Lorain resident. Do I owe Lorain tax on my income from the partnership?
19. I’m self-employed by my business has not shown a profit. Am I required to file a return?
20. Can I forward my form to the Income Tax Department online?
21. My spouse and I file separately at the federal/state levels. Do I have to file the same for municipal purposes?
22. Can you answer questions concerning Federal or State taxes?