Building, Housing and Planning


200 W Erie Avenue - 5th Floor
Lorain, OH 44052

Building: 440-204-2045, Housing & Planning: 440-204-2020

Building: 440-204-2540, Housing & Planning: 440-204-2080

Link: Building, Housing and Planning Department Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Kusznir, Matt Director 440-204-2083  
Faciana, Dave Chief Building Official 440-204-2034  
Abutin-Mchugh, Carmen Office Manager 440-204-2048  
Arocho, Andy Housing Inspector 440-204-2301  
Atkinson, Evelisse Planning and Zoning Administrator 440-204-2306  
Berrios, John Housing Inspector 440-204-2086  
Cantu, Brent Secretary 440-204-2045  
Carter, Irma Secretary 440-204-2045  
Cortes-Ruiz, Juan Housing Inspector 440-204-2082  
Davey, Robyn Comptroller 440-204-2062  
Diaz, Mercedita Administrative Technician 440-204-2045  
Donaldson, Joshua Compliance Specialist 440-204-2020  
Ellan, Tracy Housing Rehab Administrator 440-204-2507  
Fekete, Emily Accounts Clerk 440-204-2020  
Karpinski, Sarah Program Manager I of Housing 440-204-2303  
Kiraly, MNO, Hannah C. Program Manager of Community & Economic Development 440-204-2087  
Pinto, Alexis Housing Finance Specialist 440-204-2020  
Plaza, Saul Building Inspector 440-204-2037  
Santana, Ann Administrative Assistant 440-204-2020  
Smith, Andrea Neighborhood Development Specialist 440-204-2305  
Sopko, Paul Electrical Inspector 440-204-2314  
Thompson, Desiree A. Community Development Analyst 440-204-2020  
Warrens, Megan Administrative Technician 440-204-2045