Experienced a Water In Basement (WIB) Event?

1) Call the City's Sewer Department at 440-204-2280 to request a crew be dispatched to check the mainline Sanitary Sewer for blockages.

2) If the mainline Sanitary Sewer is flowing without obstructions, call a plumber to check your Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connection and interior plumbing for possible blockages.

3) If you would like to request a possible reimbursement from the City of Lorain Utilities Department, please file a claim with the City of Lorain Law Department. Please find the Proof of Loss & Claim Form Here.

4) Check with your insurance company for possible coverage.

5) Please do not enter the basement if there is standing water.  Electrical current may be present and can cause injury and harm.

City of Lorain Sewer Department Cleaning & Maintenance

- The City of Lorain Sewer Department has a 5-year cleaning and maintenance schedule of the 290 miles of sanitary sewers.

- The City of Lorain Utilities Department has built a 13 Million Gallon Storage Tunnel to reduce Sanitary Sewer Overflows and Water In Basements.

- The City of Lorain Utilities Department is currently in Year 2 of an Annual Sanitary Sewer and Manhole Lining Program.

- The City of Lorain Utilities Department is responsible for maintaining only the sewer mains, please be conscience that sewer backups can also occur in a home due to grease, sediment, breaks, and tree roots causing obstruction or blockages in the homes lateral connection.  (See Image Below For Reference)                 

Image from: http://www.ashireporter.org/HomeInspection/Articles/Keeping-Basements-Dry/1048,March 31, 2020

Home Sewer System Diagram