Waiver Schedule

If you are charged with an offense(s) other than those listed on the back of your ticket, you may, within seven days after the day you receive the ticket, plead guilty to the offense charged and dispose of the case without court appearance by:

  1. Appearing personally at the violations bureau, signing the waiver printed on the lower back of your ticket and paying the fines and costs (payment is accepted in cash, personal check, money order or credit card) or
  2. Signing the waiver printed on the lower back of your ticket and mailing it and a money order or personal check for the total of the fine and costs to the Clerk of Court at the following address:
    Lorain Municipal Court
    Clerk of Court
    200 West Erie Avenue
    Second Floor
    Lorain, Ohio 44052

Or you may waive a traffic ticket provided that:

  1. A There is only 2 moving violation, except an additional charge of Seatbelt
  2. A The violation is not for a second offense for Loud Radio or Stereo

Fine & Costs

You are required to pay the fine and costs of the violation in full at the time of the waiver. If you need to pay the fine and costs on a payment schedule you are required to appear in court on the date assigned at the time of the ticket was issued.

No Insurance

If you are charged with No Insurance you must provide proof of insurance, with the policy number, effective date of coverage and expiration date. The ticket you received includes a section that the officer completed which indicates whether proof of insurance was presented when you received the ticket. If the section is blank or marked No proof of insurance must be presented at the time that you are paying the waiver. If you are mailing the waiver a copy must be included with the waiver payment. These waiver amounts are effective October 1, 2008.