Beginning May 1, 2017, residential bulk trash will be collected once per month on your regularly scheduled pickup day and on the same week each month. Items that by size or weight are too large to fit in the container may be placed next to the blue trash container on the bulk collection day. Miscellaneous household furniture and appliances may be set out on your bulk collection day. All mattresses must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with heavy duty tape. Extra bags of trash cannot be placed on the curb during bulk collection days. To reach Republic Waste, please call 1-800-433-1309.

Lorain bulk waste pick up weeks will be on your normal collection day, during the second full week of each month:

July 10, 2017
Aug. 14, 2017
Sept. 11, 2017
Oct. 9, 2017
Nov. 13, 2017
Dec. 11, 2017







  We will continue to post updates as available.



About Utilities Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Water Division is to provide safe potable drinking water to the public by treating raw water and managing and maintaining the water distribution system, while ensuring effective and efficient operations.



•  Purification: Produce safe potable water
•  Distribution: Maintain distribution system that transports safe potable water to customers
•  Engineering: Inspects installation of waterlines and meters and maintain water and sewer line records
•  Billing: Collects revenue generated by the sale of drinking water and the processing of wastewater




Water Billing
Debra Amador, Office Manager 
1106 First Street
     Press 2 to Make a Payment
     Press 3 for an Account Representative - To Start or Stop Service, Questions on your Bill, or  Speak to the Credit Counselor
Lobby open 8:30 am - 4pm, Monday - Friday
Water Distribution 
Jim Malick, Superintendent
1106 First Street
204-2285 -To report a leak, for cloudy or dirty water, low water pressure, or to schedule a tap
Office hours 7am - 3pm, Monday - Friday
Sewer Collections 
Vacant- Superintendent
6301½ West Erie Avenue
204-2200 - For sewer backups, missing manhole covers or inlet grates, broken sewer lines, or water coming out of manholes
Office hours 7am - 3pm, Monday - Friday
Administration Division 
Mary Ivan-Garza, Director of Utilities 
Paul Wilson, Assistant Director of Utiltiies 
1106 First Street 
Office hours 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday
Water Purification
William Gollnitz, Superintendent
1106 First Street
Office hours 7am - 3 pm, Monday - Friday
Operators on duty 24/7
PQM Wastewater Plant 
Doug Brown, Superintendent
6301 West Erie Avenue 
Office hours 7am - 3pm, Monday - Friday
Operators on duty 24/7
Black River Plant 
Alex Berki, Supterintendent
100 Alabama Avenue
Office hours 7am - 3pm, Monday - Friday
Operators on duty 24/7 




City of Lorain CDBG Substantial Amendment Public Hearing

The City is recommending the following proposed changes to the city’s Business Development Revolving Loan Funds (BDRLF). A public hearing will be Monday, July 24, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. in the Police Conference Room which is located at 200 West Erie Avenue, Lorain, OH 44052, City of Lorain City Hall Building. A 30 day comment period will begin 15 days prior to the public hearing and conclude 15 days after the public hearing. During this comment period, the City will consider any comments or views of citizens received in writing, e-mail, or verbally before, during and after the public hearing. Comments will be included as an attachment to the amendment. The City of Loran’s Citizen Participation Plan requires a Substantial Amendment in order to carrying out an activity not previously included in the action plan. The process to approve this amendment to the action plan is as follows: (a) Not carry out an activity that was described in the Five Year Consolidated Plan; (b) Carry out activity not previously identified in the Five Year Consolidated Plan; or (c) Substantially changing the purpose (s) is defined as the project being categorized as a different CDBG, HOME, or other program activity, a change in scope presents a twenty percent (20%) difference in the budgeted amount of a program activity, and a change in location is defined as different census tract area. The Business Development Revolving Loan Fund (BDRLF) is multiple years of CDBG funding and a part of the Five Year Consolidated Plans, all current funding is being reallocated to the following proposed projects/activities as contained in the attachment. Inquiries and comments concerning the Substantial Amendment can be conveyed by contacting the City staff at: Department of Building, Housing, and Planning, 200 West Erie Avenue, 5th Floor, Lorain, OH 44052, Telephone: (440) 204-2020, Fax: (440) 204-2080, additional information

Hydrant Testing in the City of Lorain

The Lorain Fire Department will be testing fire hydrants throughout the City of Lorain from May 1, 2017, through October 1, 2017.  Testing will be conducted weekdays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. full story

2016 SSO Annual Report

The City of Lorain's Sanitary Sewer Overflow Annual Report was submitted to the Water Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Branch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The report is attached to this announcement for the public's view.  additional information
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