City of Lorain Department of Taxation
605 W. 4th St. Lorain, OH 44052
Phone: (440) 204-1002
Fax: (440) 204-1006


The City of Lorain Does Not Accept Electronically Filed Tax Returns.

If you use an online program for your Federal and State returns any city return prepared by the program is not received by Lorain.

On December 27, 2016 at a special call meeting, legislation was passed to reduce our tax credit.  Our rate is still 2.50% for 2017 but our credit for working outside Lorain has changed. We now only give credit up to 2.00% of other city withholdings. That means anyone whom works in a city where the tax withheld is more than 2.00% will only get 2.00% of that amount credited to them. This change will not affect your 2016 tax return that is due April 18, 2017.


Online Payments
We now accept online payments. Your balance due will not be available until your return has been processed. Balances are current as of 2/19/18. Please click on the link below:

Please make sure you have your File # when accessing the online payments. If you are unable to process a payment using this procedure, it may be because your account has not been initiated in our system or the account has been turned over to our collection agency.

We accept the following types of payments:

Checks, Money orders, cash, credits cards ( VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS)

Our balance due bill is a standard letter and is not written for each individual. Please call the office and we will be happy to help your understand your bill.

Contact information for collections
Law Offices of Robert A. Schuerger
81 S. Fifth Street, Suite 400
Columbus, Oh 43215-4323


Keith Weiner & Associates
75 Public Square 4th Fl
Cleveland, Oh 44113

City of Cleveland Central Collection Agency (CCA)
The City of Lorain Income Tax Department has entered into a contract with the City of Cleveland Central Collection Agency (CCA) to use federal income tax information to identify potential taxpayers for the City of Lorain. CCA will be mailing letters to taxpayers in a green envelope on CCA letterhead. If you receive a letter, you will need to follow the directions and/or contact CCA with any questions. The City of Lorain does not have access to the IRS records and therefore, cannot answer any questions.
Please do not ignore this letter; this is a valid attempt to identify if you should be filing tax returns with the City of Lorain Income Tax Department.

Tax Rate
Lorain’s tax rate is 2.5% (effective January 1, 2013).

Tax Credit
Prior to 1-1-17, tax credit is 100% up to 2.5%.
Effective 1-1-17 tax credit allowed is 2.0% given for taxes paid to other cities.

Ohio Business Gateway
Employers have the option of making Lorain city withholding tax reports and payments via the Ohio Business Gateway. For more information, please visit the Ohio Business Gateway’s website at or contact our office at (440) 204-1002.


Declaration of Estimated Tax                
Estimated tax payments are required by the City of Lorain if the tax liability exceeds $199.99. These payments are due as follows:
  • First quarter - April 15th
  • Second Quarter - June 15th
  • Third Quarter - Sept. 15th
  • Fourth Quarter - Dec. 15th

Non-payment of estimated taxes may result in penalty and interest being charged.  Our office will have extended hours until 7:00 pm on these dates.

Important Income Tax Notice
Pursuant to the passage of Amended Substitute House Bill 5 in December, 2014, new State mandated municipal income tax guidelines have been established, effective with tax years beginning January 1, 2016. Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code can be found at : . Please reference this document to determine how the new, State mandated, changes affect your municipal taxable income.
Important information on Paper and Electronic Media W-2 Reporting Requirements at the following link:

Mission Statement
• To administrate and collect taxes on behalf of the City of Lorain as directed by the city ordinance efficiently and accurately.
• To provide a high level of service while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.


 Terri Soto, Treasurer

Staff Members
 Tami DziakIncome Tax Clerk
 Malixza Molina, Income Tax Clerk
 Mindy Stoyka, Income Tax Clerk
  Nellie Thomas, Income Tax Clerk
(photo not available) Pam Tremaine, Deputy Treasurer