City Contracts Open for Bid

The Purchase of a Vertical Dry-Pit Solids-Handling 5711 Angleflow Pump
The purchase of a vertical dry-pit solids-handling 5711 angleflow pump at the Black River Wastewater Treatment Plant.
(Bids due 10/21/14)
Purchase of Chemicals
400 Tons dry weight Sulfate of Aluminum (Liquid)
60 Tons Liquid Chlorine in ton cylinders
20 Tons Activated Carbon – Powdered
30 Tons Sodium Fluorosilicate
4,000 Pounds Potassium Permanganate
2,000 Pounds Chlorine Tablets
150 Tons Ferric Chloride
200,000 Gallons Ferrous Chloride
14,400 Gallons Sodium Bisulfite Solution
40,000 Gallons (at least 50%) Caustic Soda
14,000 Gallons Liquid Polymer
12,000 Gallons 35% Orthophosphate
76,000 Gallons Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
2,200 Gallons Polyacrylamide
6,000 Gallons Cationic Polymer
(Bids due 10/24/14)
Purchase of Distribution Materials
Enter into contracts for the purchase of cast couplings, ductile iron pipe, repair clamps, valves, valve boxes, curb stops, corporation stops, curb boxes, K copper tubing, meter crocks, lead-pak couplings, maxi-fit couplings, quarter bend couplings, flared copper fittings, piggy back nuts, increaser bushings, fire hydrants, hydrant safety flange repair kits, hydrant extension kits, service saddles, nuts and bolts, etc.
(Bids due 10/24/14)
Purchase of Geo-Tube Bags
For the purchase and delivery of approximately:

25 GeoTube Bags
(Bids due 10/24/14)
The City of Lorain will be accepting bids for City owned parcels of land. Parcels are sold in as-is condition, and the bidder is responsible for all costs. These costs include, but are not limited to: transfer costs, survey, title fees, closing costs, recording fees and all other costs associated with the deed preparation and title transfer. The minimum asking price for each property shall start at $350.00.
(Bids due 10/29/14)
East 31st Street Bridge Waterline Replacement
Replacement of 287 L.F. of 16-inch water main in its existing position from dresser coupling to dresser coupling. Damaged WT supports and cross frames will be replaced in kind. New flexible expansion joints would be located on the interior side of each dresser coupling. Existing cross frames will be removed and replaced as the new conduit is installed.
(Bids due 10/30/14)
Hauling and disposal of Water Purification Residuals (Sludge)
Hauling and disposal of Water Purification Residuals (Sludge) for a
one-year period with two optional one-year extensions.
(Bids due 11/7/14)
Sludge Hauling for Lorain Water Pollution Control Plants
Hauling and disposal of Liquid Sludge and/or Filter Cake from two (2) Lorain Water Pollution Control Plants for a two-year period with two optional one-year extensions.
(Bids due 11/7/14)