Lorain's High Grass Abatement Efforts

To all property owners in the City of Lorain, Chapter 557 of the Codified Ordinances requires property owners to maintain their property free of noxious weeds and high grass.

As set forth in Ordinance #93-13 and #117-13, all property owners are hereby duly notified that the City of Lorain may take action necessary to abate high grass and/or noxious weed exceeding eight (8) inches in height during the 2015 calendar year.  Noxious weeds are defined in Chapter 901:5-37 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Property owners will be assessed a minimum of $300.00 every time the City must contract to abate high grass and/or noxious weeds on private property.  The City is authorized to lien properties for any and all unpaid abatement costs.

Please call 440.204.2283 or E-Mail High Grass to report high grass and/or noxious weeds. 

For other code enforcement information please write the Building Department, City of Lorain, 200 West Erie Avenue, Lorain, OH 44052 or call 440.204.2045.