Police Deparment
$ 2,000 REWARD - Mario Whitfield Homicide Please call Detective Chris Kovach at (440) 204-2168 for information on this homicide.
$ 2000 REWARD - Darmis Crawford Homicide Please call Detective Steve Curry at 204-2166 with any information regarding this homicide.
311 Non-Emergency Lorain Police Number Dial 311 from any landline Centurytel phone to be connected directly to our Police Dispatchers
Commend/Complaint If you would like to commend an officer/employee, or if you have a complaint, please call our Office of Professional Standards at 440-204-2116.
Drug Tip Line Drug Tip Line: 440-204-2108
Information on Recent Homicides To provide information on recent homicides or shootings, call Detectives at 440-204-2105.
PUBLIC SAFETY WARNING 21 Overdoses & 3 deaths in 48 hours involving dangerous narcotic being sold as heroin.
Report an Emergency Report an emergency or crime in progress, dial 9-1-1.
Report Non-Emergency To report non-emergency situations or crimes that are not in progress, dial 440-204-2100, or if calling within the City of Lorain on a landline phone, dial 3-1-1
Unsolved Homicide Reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the shooting deaths of two Lorain teenagers, as well as the city's other unsolved homicides.

Programs & Services

Auxillary Volunteer Hours & Roster

Auxiliary Members | New Auxiliary Members
Rank Name Volunteer Hours
Sergeant Noel Santiago 1430
Captain John Bisceglia 1112.5
Patrolman David Calabrese 1078.5
Major Frank Cottos 869
Lieutenant Ray Dennis 827.5
Captain Robert Smith 822.5
Sergeant Don Killinger 668
Patrolman Carlos Hernandez 647.5
Sergeant Abner Santiago 595.5
Chief James Malick 581
Patrolman Gary Romero 579
Lieutenant Robert Work 557
Lieutenant Rick Harrold 526
Patrolman Steve Hernandez 521.5
Patrolman Mike Hodge 503
Lieutenant Dennis Alexander 477
Patrolman Felix Bermudez 445
Patrolwoman Susan Rundell 435
Lieutenant Don Szudarek 428
Patrolwoman Brigette Hernandez 375
Patrolman Don Stanziano 357
Patrolman Jose Gutierrez 310.5
Patrolman Joe Adam 305
Patrolman Ken Whitmore 288
Patrolman Eric Lucas 272
Patrolman James Mitchell 268.5
Lieutenant Mark Morano 263.5
Patrolman Steven McCrosky 248
Patrolwoman Ana Trejos 224
Patrolwoman Genise Fryson 213.5
Sergeant Michelle Osorio 212.5
Patrolwoman Milta Rodriguez 206
Patrolman Ray Anderson 198
Sergeant Glenna McLaughlin 180
Patrolman Lavon Jackson 180
Patrolman Tom Hunter 179
Patrolman Carlos Torres 162
Patrolman Tyler Hass 157
Patrolman Tom Robbins 156
Patrolman Chris Hester 150
Patrolwoman Graciela Welsh 148
Patrolwoman Elvy Jean Mosley 146
Patrolwoman Candace McLaughlin 131
Patrolman George Tyler 128
Patrolman Paul Conrad 92

New Auxiliary Members
Patrolman Michael Bores
Patrolman Paul Conrad
Patrolman James Dundorf
Patrolman Terry Hass
Patrolman Anthony Moore
Patrolman Anthony Morano