City Contracts Open for Bid

For the improvement of Grove Avenue Sanitary Sewers, by constructing a sanitary sewer, sanitary sewer connection, grading, and other necessary appurtenances all in accordance with the plans and specifications now on file in the Engineering Department.
(Bids due 12/9/14)
East 31st Street Bridge Waterline Replacement Re-Bid
Replacement of 287 L.F. of 16-inch water main in its existing position from dresser coupling to dresser coupling. Damaged WT supports and cross frames will be replaced in kind. New flexible expansion joints would be located on the interior side of each dresser coupling. Existing cross frames will be removed and replaced as the new conduit is installed.
(Bids due 12/10/14)
Lease of Lorain Municipal Building and Dock Site (Hot Waters)
The leasing of the Lorain Municipal
Building and Dock Site (“Hot Waters”) as a
seasonal food service/concession operations
(Bids due 12/15/14)
City of Lorain Sludge Hauling for Water Purification Plants and Water Pollution Control Plants
Hauling and disposal of Liquid Sludge and/or Filter Cake from two (2) Lorain Water Pollution Control Plants for a two-year period with two optional one-year extensions.


Hauling and disposal of Water Purification Residuals (Sludge) for a
one-year period with two optional one-year extensions.

(Bids due 12/16/14)