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Courts, Lorain Municipal | Courts, Lorain Municipal – Applications

Courts, Lorain Municipal
Affidavit of Current Balance Due on Garnishment Order
Report of balance due from judgement creditor
Affidavit, Order, and Notice of Garnishment of Property other than Personal Earnings.
Application from Creditor to have Defendant's Property Garnished
Application for Appointment of Trustee
Request completed by a person applying for trusteeship identifying place of employment, dependents and pay dates.
Application for Driving Privilages
Final Report and Answer of Garnishee
Final statement of termination of garnishment
Interim Report and Answer of Garnishee
Update of garnishment and amount(s) paid to date
Motion for Continuance
Request for a case to be continued at a later date.
Motion for Personal Examination of Judgment Debtor
Plaintiffs request for examination of defendant's assets.
Motion of Judgement Creditor for Order of Garnishment of Property other than Earnings.
Creditors filing of intention to garnish assets of defendant other than wages.
Notice to Creditor of Application for Participating in Trusteeship
Creditors filing of intention to garnish assets of defendant other than wages.
Notice to Judgment Debitor of Current Balance Due
Notice of current balance due
Notice to Judgment Debtor and Request for Hearing on Garnishment of property other than personal earnings
Defendant's request for hearing on securing defendant's property for payment of a judgment.
Notice to Judgment Debtor of Garnishment
Notice of intention to garnish earnings
Order and Notice of Garnishment, Garnishee (Section B)
Answer from Garnishee ackowledging Garnishment
Order and Notice of Garnishment, Judgement Creditor (Section A)
Order to Employer to begin garnishment of personal earnings.
Order for Personal Examination of Judgment Debtor, Notice to Appear
Court order to defendant ordering appearance and restraint from transferring personal assets.
Payment to Avoid Garnishment
Permission to Photograph, Record, etc. Court Hearing
This form should be filled out by members of the media that wish to photograph, record, etc. a Court hearing. Please fill out this form and give it to a Bailiff upon your arrival.
Precipe (Other than garnishment)
Plaintiff's request to serve defendant's place of employment with Order of Garnishment.
Precipe, Subpoena and Bailiff's Return
This form is completed by the Plaintiff and used by the bailiff when papers are served to various interested parties.
Request for Hearing of Personal Earnings
Debtor's request for hearing to contest the order of garnishment
Request for Hearing on Current Balance Due
Request Form
General Court Request
Small Claims Complaint
Plaintiff's complaint for Small Claims judgment.
Statement as to Creditors
Listing of Creditors that the Plaintiff selects for Trusteeship.
Surety Bail Bond Agent Registration
Trustee Assignment -Wage
Appoints the Clerk of Courts as Trustee

Courts, Lorain Municipal – Applications
Application for Sealing a Record of Conviction
Application for Sealing Record of Dismissal or Finding of Not Guilty