Municipal Court

Court Costs

Criminal & Traffic | Civil Court | Security Deposits | Small Claim Fee

Please be advised that all costs are
subject to change without prior notification.
Costs Effective 7/1/11


Criminal and Traffic
General Court Costs (Criminal) $110.00
General Court Costs (Traffic) $110.00
Additional Charge(s) Fee, Each Additional Charge $1.00
Continuance Fee (Traffic & Criminal, Each Occurrence) $10.00
Public Defender Fee $25.00
Motion for Occupational Driving Privilege/Issuance ODP $50.00
Modification of Occupational Driving Privilege 
(Pre-Conviction or issuance of Post-Conviction Privileges)
Immobilization of Motor Vehicle $100.00
Jury Demand $50.00
Time to Pay Fee (Criminal & Traffic) $25.00
Amend Charges $25.00
Subpoena Fee, Each Subpoena $2.00
Witness Fee, Each Witness $6.00
Bond Fee $5.00
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Forfeiture Notification Fee $25.00
Notification to BMW of Warrant Fee $25.00
Credit Card Fee, Each Use $4.00
Collection Agency Fee % of Amount Owed
Commitment Costs, County Jail Fee $12.00
Commitment Costs, City Jail Fee $4.00
Sheffield Lake Court Costs To be set by Court
Capias Warrant and Criminal Warrant Fee $200.00
NSF Check Fee $25.00
Probation: Monitored One Year Good Behavior $50.00
Probation: Pre-Sentence Investigation/Report $75.00
Probation: Active $100.00
Probation: Intensive $150.00
Probation: Each Additional Year $100.00
Probation: Reschedule Appointment $15.00

This is to notify you that the following schedule of Court Costs in the Civil Division will prevail.
Please be advised that all costs are subject to change without prior notification.

Civil Court Costs
Complaint: with one (1) Defendant $145.00
Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Forcible Entry: with one (1) Defendant $158.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Writ of Restitution $20.00
Cognovit Note: with one (1) Defendant $145.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
    For Each Notice of Judgment $2.00
    For Each Mailing to Defendant $2.00
Replevin: with one (1) Defendant $217.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
    to issue Writ of Replevin after Hearing $20.00
Driver's License Action (12pt/Payments/Reinstatement Fee) $110.00
Agreed Judgment/Consent Judgment/Judgment $10.00
Jury Demand $75.00
Jury Deposit $350.00
Venire (Each Person) $5.00
Revival of Judgment : with one (1) Defendant $35.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Transfer from Another Court $60.00
    With Personal Earnings Garnishment $170.00
    With Bank (other than)
    Fee payable to Garnishee (Other than Aids) $1.00
Re-Issuance of Garnishment by Ordinary Mail $10.00
Certified Copy of Journal Entry $5.00
Transcript $25.00
Certificate of Judgment for Lien $10.00
Garnishment: Personal Earnings $110.00
    Other than Personal Earnings, 
    Plus $1.00 Garnishee Fee
Examination Before Judge 
    (Personal Exam, One Defendant per Exam)
Application and Default Motion $5.00
Alias: For Personal $25.00
    For Personal through Process Server $20.00
    For Certified Mail $20.00
    For Ordinary Mail $20.00
    For Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Certificate of Satisfaction $5.00
Amended Complaint: With one (1) Defendant $40.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Counter Claim and Cross Claim: With one (1) Defendant $40.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Third Party Complaint $40.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Appraiser Fee: Each trip and Each Person $25.00
Answers, Replies, Briefs $5.00
Motions  $20.00
Satisfy Docket $10.00
Leaves/Granting $10.00
Continuances to Party Requesting $10.00
Order of Show Cause $10.00
Subpoena: Each Name $10.00
    Payable to Each Witness $12.00
Notice of Appeal $125.00
Assignment of Judgment $10.00
Correcting Names, etc. on Record $5.00
Marriages $60.00
All Notices $5.00
Journal Entry $10.00
Execution $5.00
Service by Publication Actual Cost
Capias (Order to Show) $200.00
Bench Warrant $200.00
Dismissal $5.00
Objection to Magistrate Decision $20.00
Retrieval of Records Off-Site Actual Cost
Secretary of State, per Defendant $25.00
Sheriff Service at County Seat $25.00
Trusteeship Filing $100.00
NSF Check Fee $25.00


Security Deposits
Levy on Execution $100.00
Jury Demand $75.00
If Going with Jury after Pre-Trial $350.00


Small Claims Fee
Small Claims Filing: With One (1) Defendant $85.00
    Each Additional Defendant $20.00
Transfer to Civil Docket $75.00
Objection to Magistrates Decision $20.00