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Auditor's Office
Bicycle License Form

Building/Electrical Dept
Bond foreclosure release of balance form required for release of remaining funds pertaining to Codified Ordinance 154-14.
Building Permit Application
For roofing, siding, doors, windows, gutters, downspouts, demolition, etc.
Commercial Construction Plan Review/Permit Application
Contractor's Registration Application
Please read instructions carefully. This form is for all NEW registrations to exclude State License holders. Please use other forms for state certified Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC.
Contractor's Registration StateCertified/Renewal Application
If your registration expiration is over one (1) year... DO NOT USE this form!! (see other application)
Demolition Application
Electrical Permit Application
Fence Permit Application
For new fence or replacement fence.
Fence must be 1'off property line unless you bring letters from the abutting parcel owners stating their approval.
Foundation Repair/Replacement or Waterproofing Permit Application
Foundation Repair/Waterproofing
H.V.A.C. Permit Application
Meter Inspection Application
Ohio Edison requires the City of Lorain to do an Electrical Meter Inspection on properties that have been vacant for a year or longer.


Permit fee schedule
Plumbing Permit Application
Point of Sale Application
Effective January 1, 2014 Ordinance 173-13 establishing new Chapter 1539 "Certificate of Inspection" of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Lorain. Prior to transfer of real estate a "Point of Sale" inspection must be performed and approved.

Please note: Effective as of January 17th 2017, a Re-Inspection fee will be assessed for missed appointments. Please see the attached form for situations that apply.

Point of Sale Inspection Checklist/Code Descriptions
List of items inspected for Point of Sale. Please refer to Code Descriptions for details.
Point of Sale Notarized Statement of Assumption of Housing Violations Application
Effective January 1, 2014, The City of Lorain enacted Ordinance No. 173-13 in connection with the Point of Sale Program. This special notice is for buyers, sellers and/or agents desirous in transferring properties immediately upon the said inspection. Should a property require immediate transfer - prior to the allowable ninety (90) day repair period (Section 1539.02 (c)) - please notify the Department of Building, Housing & Planning in order for an escrow-related inspection to be scheduled. All escrow-related inspection cost estimates shall be provided by the City to the applicant within five (5) working days from request. A Certificate of Inspection will be issued once the escrow process has been followed and a Notarized Statement of Assumption of Housing Violations form has been submitted to the City of Lorain.
Point of Sale Ordinance
Ordinance 173-13 & 014-14

Rental Inspection Application
For Rental owners who require a Certificate of Occupancy (1 & 2 unit)
Residential Accessory & Additions Application
Applies to residential add on of all accessory structures such as sheds, decks, porches, awnings, pergolas, etc.
Plot plan and construction drawings may apply.
Sign Permit Application
Sign proposals must first be approved by the City of Lorain Design Review Board.

The Sign permit application is then submitted to the Building Dept. for processing and fees are determined. Upon payment of fees the permit is then issued.

Special Inspection/Certificate of Occupancy
For commercial property only.
Swimming Pool Application
Use this form for any in-ground or above-ground swiming, wading or other pool containing over one and one-half feet of water depth and having a surface area of 200 square feet or more.

Swimming pool must be fenced in, please refer to fence permit.

Pursuant to City of Lorain Codified Ordinance 154-14, effective January 1, 2015, The owner of any residential structure that has become abandoned or vacant as defined in this section shall, within thirty (30) days after the structure first becomes vacant; within thirty (30) days receiving notice that a structure is vacant; or within sixty (60) days after the effective date of this Chapter, whichever is later, file a Registration Statement for each structure with the Chief Building Official or their designee, on forms provided for such purposes. Any owner of a property which files a foreclosure action against said property, or for which a foreclosure action is pending or a judgment of foreclosure has been issued, shall, in addition to all other requirements of this section, provide a cash bond acceptable to Safety/Service Director or their designee, in the sum of not less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), to assure the continued maintenance of the property throughout its vacancy and remunerate the City for any expenses incurred in inspecting, securing, repairing, marking and/or making such building safe by any legal means including but not limited to, demolition. A portion of said bond, in an amount to be determined by the Safety/Service Director, shall be retained by the City as an administrative fee to fund an account for expenses incurred in inspecting, securing, repairing and/or marking said building and other buildings which are involved in the foreclosure process or vacant.
Pursuant to City of Lorain Codified Ordinance 154-14, effective January 1, 2015; all vacant and/or abandoned homes within the municipality, must be registered with the City of Lorain. Registration fee is one hundred twenty-five dollars($125)annually, per vacant, residential structure.

Courts, Lorain Municipal
Affidavit of Current Balance Due on Garnishment Order
Report of balance due from judgement creditor
Affidavit, Order, and Notice of Garnishment of Property other than Personal Earnings.
Application from Creditor to have Defendant's Property Garnished
Application for Appointment of Trustee
Request completed by a person applying for trusteeship identifying place of employment, dependents and pay dates.
Application for Driving Privilages
Final Report and Answer of Garnishee
Final statement of termination of garnishment
Interim Report and Answer of Garnishee
Update of garnishment and amount(s) paid to date
Motion for Continuance
Request for a case to be continued at a later date.
Motion for Personal Examination of Judgment Debtor
Plaintiffs request for examination of defendant's assets.
Motion of Judgement Creditor for Order of Garnishment of Property other than Earnings.
Creditors filing of intention to garnish assets of defendant other than wages.
Notice to Creditor of Application for Participating in Trusteeship
Creditors filing of intention to garnish assets of defendant other than wages.
Notice to Judgment Debitor of Current Balance Due
Notice of current balance due
Notice to Judgment Debtor and Request for Hearing on Garnishment of property other than personal earnings
Defendant's request for hearing on securing defendant's property for payment of a judgment.
Notice to Judgment Debtor of Garnishment
Notice of intention to garnish earnings
Order and Notice of Garnishment, Garnishee (Section B)
Answer from Garnishee ackowledging Garnishment
Order and Notice of Garnishment, Judgement Creditor (Section A)
Order to Employer to begin garnishment of personal earnings.
Order for Personal Examination of Judgment Debtor, Notice to Appear
Court order to defendant ordering appearance and restraint from transferring personal assets.
Permission to Photograph, Record, etc. Court Hearing
This form should be filled out by members of the media that wish to photograph, record, etc. a Court hearing. Please fill out this form and give it to a Bailiff upon your arrival.
Precipe (Other than garnishment)
Plaintiff's request to serve defendant's place of employment with Order of Garnishment.
Precipe, Subpoena and Bailiff's Return
This form is completed by the Plaintiff and used by the bailiff when papers are served to various interested parties.
Request for Hearing of Personal Earnings
Debtor's request for hearing to contest the order of garnishment
Request for Hearing on Current Balance Due
Request Form
General Court Request
Small Claims Complaint
Plaintiff's complaint for Small Claims judgment.
Statement as to Creditors
Listing of Creditors that the Plaintiff selects for Trusteeship.
Surety Bail Bond Agent Registration
Trustee Assignment -Wage
Appoints the Clerk of Courts as Trustee

Courts, Lorain Municipal – Applications
Application for Sealing a Record of Conviction
Application for Sealing Record of Dismissal or Finding of Not Guilty

Economic & Community Development
Design Review Board Application (DRB)
Please see DRB guidelines for more information.

Email DRB application and required documents to

Following DRB approval, you must coordinate with the Building Department for necessary permits prior to start of proposed project.

Design Review Guidelines
Fair Housing Complaint Form
City of Lorain Fair Housing Complaint Form.
Historic Preservation District
City of Lorain Historic Preservation District Map.

Engineering Department
Required Commercial Construction Submittal
Please complete and submit this form with any new commercial (or industrial) construction application. In order to ensure plan acceptance, please note that all sections must be completed.
Stormwater Post-Construction Facilities Maintenance Agreement
All development within the City of Lorain requiring post-construction storm water management must submit evidence of completion and recordation (via County Recorder) of the Post Construction Facilities Maintenance Agreement.
City of Lorain Standard Designs
Engineering Design Standards - Updated 2015
Chapter 1529 - Construction Site Soil Erosion, Sediment, and Other Wastes and Storm Water Runoff Regulations
Chapter 1531 - Post Construction Water Quality Regulations
Chapter 911 - Water Rules and Regulations
Ordinance governing water permit fees.
Chapter 913 - Water Pollution Rules and Regulations
Ordinance governing Storm and Sanitary sewer fees.
City of Lorain Flood Guide
City of Lorain Flood Guide
Sewer Builder's Bond
The $25,000 bond must be signed and sealed.

Fire Department
2016 Lorain Fire Department Permit Application
If you need an additional 2016 Permit Application, you may find it convenient to print and complete the .pdf version of the application; you can find it here.
Above Ground Storage Tanks - Flammable & Combustible Liquids
Facts & Guidelines, Permit Application Guidelines, Permit Application, and Plan Submittal Checklist
Child Care Facility and Pre-School Fire Safety Checklist
This form provides a basic checklist for identifying potential problem areas with respect to fire safety.
Fire Department - Self-inspection form
Form for use in completion of a fire self-inspection of the premises.
Fire Department - Self-inspection letter
Letter from the Fire Marshal describing the Lorain Fire Department Self-Inspection program.
Foster Care Check Sheet - Fire Inspection Report for Homes or Residential Facilities Certified by ODJ&FS
Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services Fire Inspection Report JFS 01200 Rev. 2/15 for Homes or Residential Facilities which the ODJ&FS certifies.
Foster Home Fire Safety Checklist
A checklist to enable a potential Foster Home to perform a self-inspection prior to contacting the Fire Prevention Bureau for a formal inspection.
Pre-Inspection Checklist
Checklist for use before inspection of the premises.

Law Department
Auto/Property Damage Claim Form
CRA Consent Agreement

Mayor's Office
Auction Application
Billiard Parlor Application
Boxing & Wrestling Commission
Gambling - Games of Chance & Schemes of Chance
See Chapter 517 of the Lorain Codified Ordinances
See Chapter 2915 of the Ohio Revised Code for Gambling Guidelines
Definition of Game of Chance (see O.R.C. Chapter 2915.01)
Going-Out-of-Business Sale Application
Mechanical Device Application
Secondhand Dealers Application
Taxi & Limo Driver Application
Temporary Stores Application
Volunteer Lorain Sign-up Form

Parks & Recreation
Youth Football
Youth Football - Raging Raptors

Parks & Recreation – Parks & Athletic Field Use Policy
Parks & Athletic Field Use Policy

Application for Public Gathering
Public Meeting
Block Party
Other Public Gathering
Application for Seasonal Employment
Carnivals, Circuses & Festivals Applications
City of Lorain Employee Manual - October 2012
CRA Application for 2015
The City of Lorain’s Department of Public Safety/Service will serve as the responsible department for the processing of Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) applications within the five (5) CRA Zones located throughout the City.

CRA applications will only be accepted during normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., the first week of each calendar month.

Garage Sale Permit Application
Parade & Special Events Application & Ordinance
Solicitor Application
Street Vendors/Peddlers License

Treasurer/Income Tax
Resident Business (Lorain) Registration Form
City of Lorain Application for Income Tax Refund
EFW-2 Layout Instructions
Income Tax - Schedule X
Non-Resident Business Registration Form

Treasurer/Income Tax – Business Tax Returns
2016 City Income Tax Return-Business/Individual
2015 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
2014 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
2013 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
2012 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
2011 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
2010 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
Schedule C, E, H and Y

Treasurer/Income Tax – Individual Tax Returns
2017 Quarterly Installment of Estimated Tax Vouchers
2016 City Income Tax Return Form-Individual/Business
2016 Quarterly Estimate Vouchers
City of Lorain Income Tax Exemption Certificate
2015 City Income Tax Return - Individual - Calculating Form
2015 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2015 City Income Tax Return Form - Instructions for Completion
2014 City Income Tax Return - Individual - Calculating Form

2014 City Income Tax Return Form - Instructions for Completion
2014 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2013 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2013 City Income Tax Return Form - Instructions for Completion
2012 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2011 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2010 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2009 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
2008 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual

Treasurer/Income Tax – Tax Forms
Appeal to Local Board of Review
Debit Authorization Form
Declaration of Domicle
Income Tax Registration Form
Landlord Tenant Information
POA-Power of Attorney
City of Lorain Ordinance No 120-13 - Transient Lodging Tax
Instructions - Transient Lodging Tax
Transient Lodging Tax Form

Treasurer/Income Tax – Withholding
MW-1 Employers Return of Tax Withheld
MW-3 Withholding Reconcilation Return
Paper and Electronic Media W-2 Reporting Requirements
City of Lorain Courtesy Withholding Tax Form

Utilities Department
2014 CCR page 1-6
Auto Bill Payment Form
City of Lorain Flood Guide
City of Lorain Flood Guide
Consumer Confidence Report
2014 City of Lorain Utilities Department
Consumer Confidence Report
Golden Age and Disability Discount Application for Water & Sewer bills
Use this form to apply for water and sewer discount if you are age 65 or older or have a total disability and meet the financial guidelines.
Temporary Termination of Trash Collection
In order to temporarily discontinue the billing for trash collection, a Request for Temporary Termination of Trash Collection form must be completed. The form requires a date certain for service shut- off and service reinstatement.

2012 City Income Tax Return Form - Business
2012 City Income Tax Return Form - Individual
City of Lorain Application for Income Tax Refund
Non-Resident Business Registration Form