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Engineering Department

Engineering Department
Sewer Excavating Application
Please read instructions carefully. Only complete this form if you were not a licensed Sewer Contractor in our City last year.
Required Commercial Construction Submittal
Please complete and submit this form with any new commercial (or industrial) construction application. In order to ensure plan acceptance, please note that all sections must be completed.
Stormwater Post-Construction Facilities Maintenance Agreement
All development within the City of Lorain requiring post-construction storm water management must submit evidence of completion and recordation (via County Recorder) of the Post Construction Facilities Maintenance Agreement.
City of Lorain Standard Designs
Engineering Design Standards - Updated June 20, 2017
Chapter 1529 - Construction Site Soil Erosion, Sediment, and Other Wastes and Storm Water Runoff Regulations
Chapter 1531 - Post Construction Water Quality Regulations
Chapter 911 - Water Rules and Regulations
Ordinance governing water permit fees.
Chapter 913 - Water Pollution Rules and Regulations
Ordinance governing Storm and Sanitary sewer fees.
City of Lorain Flood Guide
City of Lorain Flood Guide
Sewer Builder's Bond
The $25,000 bond must be signed and sealed.