beach area roving k-9 program 

Lakeview Beach, the City of Lorain's public bathing beach, has a history of poor water quality. Since 2011, the beach has been under a water quality advisory for E. coli bacteria 60.2% of the swimming season. Based on microbial source tracking completed by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2011, gull fecal contamination is present at the beach and is thought to be a contributing factor to poor water quality. There is potential for illness to occur when bacterial levels are high. While gull control with border collies has long been used by Airports and the US Military, it has just recently been studied as to its effect at controlling gull populations at beaches, thus lowering  E. coli concentrations.

Beginning in May and running through Labor Day, residents and beach goers will see dogs in florescent safety vests running the beach one to three times daily. These dogs are both highly-trained and constantly-motivated to move nuisance birds away from the public beach. Because gulls are migratory birds and are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the project partners have brought in a specialized company, Ohio Geese Control, to humanely manage migratory bird populations at Lakeview Beach. The gulls are never harmed in this process

Want to do your part to help Lakeview Beach? Please don't feed the birds! People food is bad for them. Feeding them can also lead to birds harassing humans, and even worse, becoming dependant on humans for food.

Funded by a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.