2015-2016 Project Summary    
Street From To Estimated Cost
West 18th St. Reid Avenue Lexington Ave.  $           51,044.96
Livingston Ave. West 18th St. West 17th St.  $           86,682.18
West 20th St. Reid Avenue Washington Avenue  $         426,668.70
East 31th St. Fulton Road Globe Ave.  $         420,205.30
Fulton Rd. East 31st St. East 28th St.  $         304,180.30
Vassar Ave. Cambridge Ave. Kenyon Ave.  $           85,937.23
Kenyon Ave. W. 40th St. Cul-de-sac  $         179,994.90
Stanford Ave. W. 40th St. Kenyon Ave.  $         120,377.70
Miami Ave. W. 40th St. W. 37th St.  $         137,505.10
Crehore St. Root Road Maple Drive  $         129,639.84
West 23rd St. Reeves Avenue Leavitt Road  $         171,672.90
West 29th St. Mashall Drive Carmelita Court  $         194,362.70
Reeves Ave. West 30th St. Mark Drive  $           72,507.01
2016-2017 Project Summary    
Surf Ave. Meister Road Frontage Street  $         220,580.30
Mildred Ave. W. 11th St. S. Lakeview Blvd.  $         210,581.84
Goble Drive Palm Ave. Riverside Drive  $         328,634.62
Oakdale W. 34th St. W. 30th St.  $         254,144.67
W. 12th St. Oberlin Ave. Washington Ave.  $         228,170.59
Lexington Ave. W. 32nd St. W. 23rd St.  $         424,160.84
East 40th St. Homewood Drive Tacoma Ave.  $         142,255.41


2016 Street Department Paving and Repairs:


Ada E 36th North to dead end
Ashalnd Meister W 35th
Dale Ave E 37th Fulton
E 32nd Clifton Lowell
E 43rd Pearl Maple
Fulton Globe Terminus  
G St few spots by Missouri
G. Street Colorado Kansas
H St Georgia Idaho
Idaho H St Bridge
Lehigh Crehore Deadend
Lorain All  
Maine Crehore Deadend
Maple All  
Maryland Crehore Deadend
Massachusetts E. Erie Cleveland Blvd
Narragansett Seven Pines Gargasz
Oakcrest All  
Randall New Jersey Nevada
Russell E 39th Harriet 
Shaffer Oberlin Ashland
Utica W 24th W 21st
W 35th Meadowbrook Skyline
W 38th Jude Court  
W. 24th Pole Ashland
Wallace All  
Woodward All