Lead Based Paint Hazard Control grant

Lead poisoning causes irreversible health effects without a cure. A wide range of problems include reduced IQ and attention span; hyperactivity; impaired growth; learning disabilities; hearing loss; insomnia; health, intellectual and behavioral problems. High levels of poisoning can cause mental retardation, coma, convulsions and even death. Children under age six are affected the most due to their rapidly growing bodies. Pregnant women are also at risk because lead ingested by the mother can be transmitted to the unborn fetus. Unfortunately housing-related health hazards are not found until after the illness develops.


Lorain County consortium through the City of Lorain has received a HUD Lead Based Paint Hazard Control grant in the amount of $2,100,000.00. The project activities include: performing dust testing, inspection/risk assessments; conducting required pre- and post-hazard control blood lead testing of children less than 6 years old; conduct lead hazard control activities; perform blood lead testing and air sampling to protect the health of hazard control workers, supervisors and contractors; conduct clearance dust-wipe testing; engineering and architectural activities required for lead hazard control; provide resources for lead-safe work practices, abatement classes, contractor training; provide instruction, training complying with HUD’s Lead-Safe Housing Regulation (24 CFR Part 35); conduct general and targeted community awareness, education and outreach programs. Primary goals are to build capacity necessary to protect families, especially children less than six years from lead poisoning and eliminate lead-based paint hazards in the County’s housing stock.


Health Districts will provide blood screenings for children. Job training sessions will be held. Information will be provided to home-owners, landlords and do-it-yourselfers on how to work lead-safe while working on homes.


Assistance will be provided to income qualified, property owners living in their own homes for free. Landlords will receive this work as a loan which will be 100% forgiven over a five (5) year period if the landlord abides with the terms of the loan and their tenants are income qualified.


You can receive an application by calling the City of Lorain Community Development Department at 440-204-2020; the City of Elyria Community Development Department at 440-326-1541; Lines and Associates, Inc. at 440-892-7873; by stopping in at either city department; or, emailing