The City of Lorain created the Nuisance Inspection Taskforce in June 2012. This program is desinged to enforce the international property maintenance code which was adopted by Lorain in 2007. Lorain Building and Health Department inspectors are doing neighborhood block inspections of each property, both commercial and residential. The inspections began in central Lorain and have since moved towards the west side of Lorain. 

Property owners that are cited receive an Official Notice of Code Violation in the mail. These notifications are sent to the owners recoded address with the Lorain County Auditor. Notifications are only sent to the property in violation if said property is listed as the owners address. Code violations contain a compliance date, which is the date by which each violation should be corrected.  Property owners have the ability to request an extension of their compliance dates if they do so before the complinace date has passed. Extensions are granted for larger projects, i.e. roof replacement, house painting, and structural improvements. Extensions may be granted for smaller projects i.e. gutter improvemnts, weeds, and soffits, provided a valid reason is given for the request. To request and extension, contact the Nuisance Inspection Taskforce (NIT) at 440-204-2577 or After the compliance dates, the properties will automatically re-inspected. Property owners are not expected to schedule a re-inspection, nor are they expected to be present for the inspection.

Once a property is re-inspected, it gets catagorized as compliant or not compliant. Should any violations still exist after re-inspection, in whole or part, the property is then determined to be not compliant. Non compliant properties are scheduled for a prosecutor's hearing. In this hearing, the property owner is expected to present a plan of action to correct the violations. Not appearing at a prosecutor's hearing will result in a summons being issued for the Lorain Municiple Court. Compliant properties will recieve proof of complinace by mail after re-inspection along with a copy of the violation. 

Owners who need assistance improving their properties can contact the Department of Building, Housing, and Planning for further information. 

Department of Building, Housing, & Planning

200 W. Erie Ave 5th Floor