Building, Housing and Planning


200 W Erie Avenue - 5th Floor
Lorain, OH 44052

Building: 440-204-2045, Housing & Planning: 440-204-2020

Building: 440-204-2540, Housing & Planning: 440-204-2080

Link: Building, Housing and Planning Department Page

Name Title Email Phone
Kusznir, Matt Director 440-204-2083
Pallens, Jose Chief Building Official 440-204-2034
Arocho, Andy Housing Inspector 440-204-2301
Atkinson, Evelisse Planning and Zoning Administrator 440-204-2306
Cotto, Juan Housing Inspector 440-204-2086
Davey, Robyn Comptroller 440-204-2062
Davis, Dannette Neighborhood Development Specialist 440-204-2309
Holloway, Barbara Administrative Assistant 440-204-2069
Karpinski, Sarah Program Manager I 440-204-2303
Kiraly, Hannah Program Manager I 440-204-2087
Landry, Greg Housing Rehabilitation Administrator 440-204-2042
Marrero, Mercedita Administrative Secretary 440-204-2045
Pinto, Alexis Housing Finance Specialist 440-204-2020
Plaza, Saul Building Inspector 440-204-2037
Santana, Ann Accounts Clerk 440-204-2020
Smith, Andrea Compliance Specialist 440-204-2305
Smith, Presentina Secretary 440-204-2283
Telepak, Leah Community Development Specialist 440-204-2302
Thompson, Desiree Community Development Analyst 440-204-2020
Velez, David Chief Electrician 440-204-2044
Warrens, Megan Administrative Secretary 440-204-2045