4th QTR 2017 Declaration of Estimate Due

The office will have extended hours until 7 pm this day to serve the residents who work late and can come in person to make a  quarterly payment. The Treasurer and Staff will also be available to answer any questions.

The City of Lorain requires all taxpayers who are going to owe more than $200.00 in tax for the current filing year to make quarterly estimated tax payments.

  • For “calendar year” taxpayers, installments are due April 15, June 15, September 15, and December 15.
  • For “fiscal year” taxpayers, primarily businesses whose year end is other than December 31, quarterly estimates on or before fifteenth day of the fourth, sixth, ninth, and twelfth month after the beginning of the taxpayer’s taxable year.

To avoid penalty and interest, all four quarterly payments, comprising 90% of your current year actual tax liability, must be paid by the quarterly due dates.

To amend your declaration of estimated tax for the current year, please notify the income tax department in writing of your change.

Venue Details

Date: December 15, 2017
Venue: City of Lorain

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