How to Verify Zoning for Parcells


Refer to this Zoning Map and use the instructions below. 


1.     All parcels in Lorain are identified by a 12 digit number (Example 2-01-003-107-011).
2.     To verify zoning, you must first locate the page where your parcel is to be found. At the bottom corner of the page, you will find a six digit number (Example: 2-01-003) that will correspond with the first six digits of your parcel.
3.     Once you have located the proper page, the next three digits (Example highlighted: 2-01-003-107-011), will help you locate the block where your parcel is located.
4.     The last three digits (Example highlighted: 2-01-003-107-011) will give you the exact parcel.
5.     Once the parcel is located, find the corresponding color at the bottom of the page to give you the proper zoning.
If you have any questions, please contact the zoning officer at (440) 204-2034.