City of Lorain Land Reutilzation Program

 Beginning  October 1, 2015 the City of Lorain's Department of Building Housing and Planning will begin accepting applications for vacant city-owned parcels pursuant to Codified Ordinance  117-15 "Land Reutilization." Land Reutilization provides the opportunity for interested persons to purchase vacant, city-owned lots within the City of Lorain.  The successful purchaser shall agree in writing to keep the property in their name for a minium of five (5) years and to maintain the property in accordance with all applicable Health, Building, Property Maintenance Codes of the City.  Applications are available online and in the Department of Building, Housing and Planning.  full story

Lorain's High Grass Abatement Efforts

To all property owners in the City of Lorain, Chapter 557 of the Codified Ordinances requires property owners to maintain their property free of noxious weeds and high grass. full story

Lorain County Emergency Alert Registration

Sign up here for Lorain County Alerts! full story