Report Suspected Cross Connections

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection occurs in the water distribution system at a point where potable (safe, drinking water) is connected to a non-potable source.  This type of connection allows pollutants and other contaminants to possibly enter the water distribution system when a "backflow" occurs.  Some examples of cross connections include: (1) Wash Basins & Sinks, (2) Hose Bibs, (3) Irrigation Sprinkler Systems, (4) Swimming Pools, and (5) Reuse Water Lines.

How does one prevent a backflow event?

To prevent contamination, a backflow device must be properly installed and tested.  A certified plumber must perform this testing.

How do I report a possible Cross Connection?

To report a suspected cross connection, please craft a detailed email to our Water Distribution Department's Superintendent.  Our current Superintendent is James Malick at 

Additional Information:

Ohio EPA - Cross Connection Control - Page 2
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