Engineering Department

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The City of Lorain Engineering Department can help with the following issues:

  • Information on water and sewer taps. (Repair, replacement, and installation)
  • Grading Approvals and Reviews
  • Permitting and inspection of sidewalks, aprons, open pavement, and storm and sanitary installations. Permits for water are also provided, inspections completed by the water department.
  • Complaints about non compliant sidewalk and ADA curb ramps
  • Address assignments
  • Lateral locations for sanitary sewers
  • Obstructions in the right of way

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Lorain Engineering Department is to provide expedient technical engineering services and advice to all city departments, the administration, and the general public. Generally the technical support is related to design, inspection, and contract administration of public improvements and subdivisions, plan review, grading, draining, and general construction information.


To provide professional engineering and surveying services to all City departments, to ensure that all-public improvements are constructed to City standards and issue permits for improvements within the public right-of -way.


1. Why don't they put in more stop signs? Stop signs are not to be used as a speed reducing tool. more

2. Why do some streets have double yellow centerline, but not others? Double yellow centerline usage is dictated by the MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices). more

3. Why not just lower the speed limit, add a traffic signal, or speed bump to slow down vehicles? The most common misconception about speed limits is that putting up a sign will slow the speed of traffic, reduce accidents, and increase safety. more

4. Why does the city not use "Children at Play signs"?  These signs are deceiving and are ineffective. Drivers should expect the presence of children in residential areas. more