General Rules

General Cemetery Rules

  • Visitors are admitted to the cemetery at the discretion of the City of Lorain or the supervisor.
  • The City of Lorain disclaims any responsibility or liability for accident(s) or damage(s) to markers, vases, mausoleums or vaults resulting from the ordinary hazards of cemetery work. The City does not assume liability for accident(s) or damage(s) to property due to the defects of machinery, implements, tools and equipment used in its works. The City endeavors to maintain adequate police protection for the cemetery and reasonable efforts are made to protect flowers, vases and wreaths placed upon graves.
  • No fences or walls within the cemetery made of any type of material shall be permitted. Hedges, trellises, posts, chains, railings, steps, boxing, borders used for the purpose of enclosure, are prohibited. Nothing such as statues, figurines, boxes, baskets, shells, decorative rocks, toys, crockery, alcohol bottles, cans, wire arches, watering pots, glassware, solar lights, pinwheels, balloons, plastic containers or vases, shepherd's hooks, temporary markers, crosses or other such objects may be placed upon any grave or lot. No stand alone wreaths or arrangements other than new burials or designated holidays.  Any non-approved item will be removed and disposed of without compensation.  No advertisement of any kind shall be permitted within the cemetery. No person shall discharge firearms within the cemetery, except at military funerals or Memorial Day exercises.
  • No person with firearms, refreshments or liquors shall be permitted to enter the cemetery. Pets are not permitted on the cemetery grounds or in any building(s). The use of roads and paths in the cemetery as thoroughfares, either in vehicles or on foot, is prohibited. Violators of this rule shall be considered as trespassers.
  • All persons are forbidden under penalty of law, to kill, trap or wound any bird or animal within the limits of the cemetery or to remove the young of animals or the eggs of any bird. All persons are prohibited from picking any plants or flowers, either wild or cultivated, disturbing waterfowl or other birds, breaking or injuring any tree or shrub. It is strictly prohibited for anyone to mar any marker or landmark, or in any way deface the ground of the cemetery. No driving is allowed over the lots or upon the lawns.
  • School children, under the supervision of a teacher, art students, botanists, students of forestry, ornithologists or others who may benefit from the study of works or art and nature will be welcome at the cemetery. Visitors for such purposes are requested to make arrangements for visitation by contacting the cemetery supervisor.
  • It is forbidden, under penalty of law, to deposit within the cemetery grounds debris, rubbish or waste material of any nature. The supervisor may expel from the cemetery any person disturbing its sanctity by noisy, boisterous or other improper conduct, or who violates any of the foregoing rules. The rules and regulations governing the cemetery shall be strictly enforced. Trespassing upon the grounds of the cemetery is prohibited. All person(s) are reminded that the grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the human dead.